Peal Compositions for Project Pickled Egg

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In 2018 Simon Linford published a series of articles in The Ringing World, now also collected in the Change Ringing Wiki, proposing a set of major methods useful for those learning to ring treble dodging methods, mostly surprise. Here are gathered some peal compositions suitable for most of those methods, both individually and combined in spliced.

Note that all the peals in this section also appear in the appropriate places in the sections devoted to peals at various stages. They are collected together here, too, for the convenience of bands exploring the Project Pickled Egg methods.

Cambridge Surprise Major (Core 7)Yorkshire Surprise Major (Core 7)Cornwall Surprise Major (Core 7)Superlative Surprise Major (Core 7)Bristol Surprise Major (Core 7)Lessness Surprise Major (Core 7)London Surprise Major (Core 7)Core Seven Spliced Deva Surprise MajorLancashire Surprise MajorCooktown Orchid Delight Major Glasgow Surprise MajorBelfast Surprise Major Jovium Surprise MajorBolonium Surprise Major Mareham Delight MajorRook and Gaskill Surprise MajorPickled Egg Try Also MethodsOther Pickled Egg Spliced