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This site contains a variety of items possibly of interest to change ringers. If you're not a change ringer, most of what is here is likely to be meaningless to you. In that case, you might want to start with What is Change Ringing?.


A collection of 14,295 peal length compositions from Doubles to Sixteen, and extents and multi-extent blocks of Doubles and Minor. There are both old and new compositions, and a variety of methods, composers, styles, and degrees of complexity.

Quarter Peals

A collection of 2,571 quarter peal length compositions from Doubles to Sixteen, again reflecting a variety of methods, composers and styles, and ranging from simple to complex.

Don Morrison's Peals

7,785 peal compositions by Don Morrison, in a variety of methods from Doubles to Sixteen.


Lookup methods by name or place notation, and display information about them, including blue lines.

RW Index

A searchable index to compositions published in The Ringing World from 1911 through 2023.