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Type into the text box labelled "Search for:" one or a few words or numbers that are part of the index entry sought. Typically these will be parts of the method name, stage name, composer's name or length. Then press the button labelled "Find Matching Compositions."

Note that the methods only refer to those under which particular compositions were published. No attempt is made to infer to what extent compositions might be true to other methods. So, for example, while Simon Humphrey's popular peal of Lincolnshire is true to Braybrooke Surprise, a search for peals of Braybrooke will come up empty, since no peals have been published under that name.

If you would like the entire composition index, it is available as a tab delimited text file. It is about ½ megabyte, and is in a particularly convenient format for importing into spreadsheets and databases, if you wish to do more involved manipulation.

This index contains citations of all compositions of any length published in The Ringing Word since 1941. The original, print version of this index was assembled by Tony Smith with help from Roger Bailey, Jim Belshaw, Barbara Clipsham, Graham Groves, Mike Henshaw, Roddy Horton, Chris Kippin, Malcolm Melville, Peter Sanderson, and Eric Speake. Tony continues to maintain the data on which the printed version is based, and he intends to offer new printed versions as demand warrants. The most recent print version included a supplement updating it through the end of 1996. It was formerly available from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Publications Committee, but is currently out of print.

The original formatting of this data for presentation on the web was made by Roger Bailey <rb@doc.ic.ac.uk>, from the data supplied by Tony. For about the past two decades members of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Peal Compositions Committee, with help from Mike Schulte, have updated this electronic version. The data are currently being maintained by Richard Allton <richard@alltonr.freeserve.co.uk>.

There is a growing body of compositions available directly on the web. The Peal Compositions Committee maintains a growing collection of compositions online. Links to other sources of compositions on the web can be found on Ander Holroyd's Compositions on the Web, as well as Roger Bailey's Change Ringing Resources page.

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