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This is a collection of 27157 peal compositions [As of 27 May 2010 there appears to be a bug in the database query fetching the preceding count of peal compositions in this database. That number is suspect and the real number of distinct compositions may be substantially smaller than given. Apologies for the confusion, and it will be fixed eventually, though it may take a while yet.], spanning a wide variety of stages, methods, composers, and styles. They have been collected from

The collection is organized primarily by stage, in most cases further subdivided by method, kind of method, or number of methods used in spliced. When there are variations on a composition of spliced using different numbers of methods, the composition appears in the section corresponding to the greatest number of methods used. So, for example, Norman Smith's popular composition of 13 to 23 Spliced Surprise Major appears in the section for 23 methods.

There are also some thematic pages collecting compositions that may be of interest to particular bands. The compositions appearing on these thematic pages also appear in their normal place in the organization by stage, so it is not necessary to look in both places. These thematic pages include: some compositions that are likely to be of particular interest to handbell bands, and some series of related spliced surprise compositions that may be of interest to bands looking for a progression of peals to ring.

There is a list of recent additions to the collection, as well as two indices, one listing all the compositions alphabetically by composer and the other listing them by length.

If you have compositions you'd like to submit for addition to this site please see the Peal Compositions Committee's web page for details. Please be sure to state whether you are submitting them for publication in The Ringing World, or just for publication on this site.

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