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Submit NAGCR Peals and Quarters

The form for submitting NAGCR Peals and Quarters has moved. Thanks to the kindness of Tony Parry it is now hosted as a special form on Campanophile. If this is the first time you have used the new form, you should definitely read the advice below: while this new form is actually a little more flexible than the old, it is different so things may not work as you expect if you've been using the old form.

Click to access the new Campanophile-hosted form.

There is also an announcement of this new from on the NAGCR web site, with another copy of this link. Presumably a link to the form will soon be made a permanent feature of the NAGCR web site in some way.

By submitting performances to Campanophile using this new, NAGCR-specific form details will be automatically sent to the NAGCR Newsletter Editor or Peal Secretary, as appropriate, too. Note that it is appropriate to use this for submitting all of

If you like, when making such a submission it is possible to have it also automatically forwarded to The Ringing World for publication there, too. That is, this form gives one stop shopping, allowing you to enter the details once for publication in all three of The Clapper, The Ringing World and Campanophile, as well as providing the required details for peals to the NAGCR Peal Secretary.

Advice for submitters

To use this form you do have to register with Campanophile. If you have not already done so, this is a simple process. When you access the form it will ask you to login. If you have not previously registered simply click the link labeled "Register." It will ask for your email address and name. Once you've provided these it will send you a brief message by email with a password, which you can use to login in. The first time you login it will offer to change your password to whatever you like it to be. It is recommended that you not use a high-value password, such as whatever you might use for your bank's web site! If you do not use a shared computer and wish to have Campanophile remember you so you do not have to login every time you use it simply click the box labeled "Automatic Login" when you do login.

Once you have logged in you will see a form for submitting a performance. The association is initialized to "North American Guild." If you are entering a peal rung in North America but for a different association simply type the correct association here.

If you are reporting a handbell peal or quarter be sure to click the radio button labeled "Hand."

If you pick a tower from the popup list labeled "Tower" the Location, State/Province, Dedication or Address, and Tenor Weight will default to those given. However, by filling in the relevant boxes you can change any or all of these as you see fit. For handbell performances you will normally need to supply all of this information by hand. Note that if you rang a peal on, say, the front six of your tower's bells you should update at least the Tenor Weight to the correct one.

If you report a performance promptly you can probably just pick a date from the popup of dates, which contains dates for the past two and a half weeks. For older performances you will have to instead enter the date in the box next to this popup, in the format dd/mm/yyyy. Note that this is a UK web site, so the date format has the day before the month. So, for example, February 3, 2009 would be entered as "03/02/2009".

The rest of the fields should be self-explanatory.

When entering the various ringers follow the conductor with "(C)".

For peals, please also supply the composition used, for the Peal Secretary's records. Note that the composition is only for the NAGCR's records; it is not passed on to The Ringing World nor stored by Campanophile.

When you click "Submit" the details will be posted on Campanophile, and sent to either the NAGCR Newsletter Editor or Peal Secretary, depending upon the length of the performance. A page will be displayed showing what you have submitted.

If you wish to also submit your performance to The Ringing World simply click the link labeled "The Ringing World." A form will be presented with the details being sent to The Ringing World. Normally this will be exactly as it should be, but if you would like to edit it in some way you have an opportunity in this form to do so. Don't forget to push the button that actually sends this information off to The Ringing World when you're happy with it!

If at some subsequent point you discover that you need to make a correction to the information you've entered go to the Campanophile web site, login if necessary, and click on the link on the left side labeled "Submit/Amend." This will present you with a list of the performances you've submitted. Click on the appropriate one, and adjust the details as necessary. When you click "Update" the details on Campanophile will be updated, and a new copy will be sent to the NAGCR Newsletter Editor or Peal Secretary as appropriate. Note, however, that you cannot update the composition this way. If you need to update the composition for a peal please email your correction directly to the Peal Secretary <peals@nagcr.org>.

If you need to you can also delete a submission from the "Submit/Amend" page. This is useful if a performance is accidentally submitted twice, perhaps by two different people.

Note that you can only amend or delete performances you have submitted when logged in as that particular user. If you wish to amend something someone else has submitted you must ask the person that did submit it to please update it.

Peals Rung for the North American Guild

The Guild's constitution states "A peal shall be credited to the Guild only if: all members of the band are Guild Members, and at least half are Resident Members; [and] complete details of the peal, including the composition, have been received by the Peal Secretary."


Many thanks to Tony Parry for adding this special form to Campanophile specifically for the use of the NAGCR.

Also thank you to Laura Dickerson who for several years laboriously copied by hand details from our old submission system into Campanophile. We hope she enjoys the rest this new system should provide her!

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